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Title: Analysis Paralysis! Help Me Get Started!!
Post by: LRibeiro on April 03, 2018, 06:32:31 PM
Hi MMM Family!

My path to financial independence started through Bigger Pockets and the Real Estate bug. I am 26 years old, single and earn about $71K/Yr in Chicago.

I have always saved a little money in an Ally Savings account for emergency but am up to around $15K now. I contribute 6% to my 401K to match the employer contribution (I have about $14K in there right now).

Basically I want to start to put my savings money to work, and I feel like I have one of 3 options:

1) Jack my 401K contribution up to ensure I max it out for the year, and use my $15K in the bank as my living expenses for anything I come up short with through my living expenses ( I spend roughly $2200/mo all inclusive )
**Is there any way to optimize my Employer Fidelity 401K for max growth?**

2) Put $11K into a Roth IRA with VTSAX stock by putting 2017-2018 contributions in and raise my 401K gradually.

3) Do the same thing as #2 with a Traditional IRA.

I'd like to make every dollar optimal at this point and have about $3K in an emergency fund (Does a taxable account in VTSAX stock count as an emergency fund??)

Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I've been listening to many podcasts, and reading a whole bunch of blogs and articles and I am VERY MOTIVATED to game the system of finance. I just know I need to make sure I start ASAP!
Title: Re: Analysis Paralysis! Help Me Get Started!!
Post by: MDM on April 03, 2018, 06:44:16 PM
LRibeiro, welcome to the forum.

You might take a look at Investment Order ( and Fidelity three-fund portfolio ( for some ideas.  What do you think of those suggestions?