Author Topic: Best apps for tracking expenses for "your money or your life " philosophy?  (Read 2589 times)


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what apps do folks use successfully for tracking $ preferably iOS app that also has desktop.

Hula Hoop

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I'd be interested in this too - especially apps that work outside the US as I'm in Europe using Euros.  Also - we often use cash so we have to be able to input expenses easily.  The last app I tried was really annoying as it didn't copy data from the previous month.  I'd like an app that copies recurring expenses like mortgage or kid activity fees from month to month.


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I really like YNAB (old version).  I really hate that they went subscription based (I refuse to pay a subscription, so keeping my old version until it is dead.)

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I use Personal Capital for everything. They offer budgeting, investment and retirement planning tools, all for free. Here's an overview:

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I built for my own personal use. It is manual tracking, but you can create Reminders with a variety of intervals so that you may more easily track things like mortgage and monthly fees. You're welcome to try it out if you want. It's certainly no where near as refined as a paid app, but I'll happily improve it for anyone that wants to use it.