Author Topic: Selling ad space on my vehicles  (Read 679 times)

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Selling ad space on my vehicles
« on: April 30, 2018, 04:46:57 PM »
As part of my business, I own two commercial vehicles that are driven for about 550-600km a week. They get a lot of exposure so it occurred to me that as well as using them to advertise my own business, I might be able to sell part of the space to a complementary business (I have a few in mind). I'm thinking of getting a wrap design done that shows how it could work and then showing that (along with some facts and figures about exposure) to potential partners.

Do you think a business would go for it (given the right pricing)? Any small business owners out there that have paid to put their logo on someone else's vehicle?

Initially I was thinking this might bring in a few bucks and help pay for a wrap (one of the vehicles is new and is unmarked right now), but then my googling turned up a couple of options for selling space on your car:  One starts at AU$400 a month for a couple of magnets, up to about $1500 a month for a full wrap. At the end of the contract the wrap is removed. I wouldn't achieve anywhere near that but it did make me think it was an idea worth investigating!

Assuming I can get a workable design, I'll need an expert to help me come up with an professional looking offer, including working out the pricing. Is it a marketing consultant that I'm looking for or some other niche?