Author Topic: Hey all. Side hustler full time for 5 years. 26 years old. New here.  (Read 1542 times)


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Hey all, I'm 26. I've been hustling for years. It's been how I paid for college, bought my house, etc.

I basically deal in resale. I was into cars and motorcyles for a while but marketing was tedious so I got into commercial gym equipment then computer server solutions. At the end of the day I'm a salesman who learns about a market and resells equipment in that market.

I think I may actually only do "in person work" 2-3 hours a week with a few hours added drivetime; however if you count the hours of communication and marketing on my phone and computer i'm sure it exceeds that.

I joined here as I've been trying to better organize my finances in a way that is structured around proven ways that work not just what I think is best.

Anyways with that being said my current "side-side" hustles include commission sales (have a 1% commsion on a house right now helping sell by owner), credit card bonuses (1400 back spending 5k in 3 months isn't shabby) and other things.

I'm hoping to gain new ideas for side income from this forum, currently looking at taking welding courses or similar at the local community college!

Anyways cheers, here's to the (almost weekend)


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Re: Hey all. Side hustler full time for 5 years. 26 years old. New here.
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Besides selling drugs I'm not sure there's another way to make money faster than least that's how it has worked for me.  The biggest trick with resale is knowing exactly what you're looking at.  The think the best thing to do is get super educated on a particular item(s) or area(s) and focus on that.  There was a little while where I was flipping anything I could find that I thought was a cheap enough to make a profit on, which works but then I realized I could make a lot more $/hr focusing in on a couple areas/items in particular.  I took a couple welding courses years ago, like you mention, and while you can make money doing welding on the side I can make a lot more $ buying broken metal stuff, fixing/welding it, sanding, painting it and reselling than I ever would if I spent the same amount of time just welding small projects for people here and there.  You gotta have room to do this stuff too, especially if you're selling cars and motorcycles like you say.  If you have the room to safely hold/work on 3-5 cars, 2-10 motorcycles at a time you can really make a lot with consistent money coming in, instead of just selling 1 item at a time and moving to the next.