Author Topic: In-laws dealing with a likely scam - old "lease" for POS they don't even have...  (Read 314 times)


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Hey all,

Curioust to get some feedback on a likely situation my in-laws will be facing soon.  My FIL apparently agreed some time ago to a contract to lease a POS from a super shady company called "Lease Financial Group" based on out Chicago with another entity in NY called "Northern Leasing Systems":

Pretty much all the reviews say the same thing: they canceled and sent the leased equipment(s) back, yet were still charged monthly leasing fees, and when they stopped payment the company started sending collection letters and threatened to sue them for breaching contract etc. Some have reported that it potentially is impacting their credit,etc.

It looks like in 2016 the NY Attorney General filed a lawsuit against them: but I'm not sure if there have been any updates at this point.

Currently my wife just found out that my FIL signed up for this service because she saw the charge and called the current processing company to figure out what the charge is for and they had no clue. Then she dug deeper and stumbled across this. So the fruits of my FIL's own ignorance in signing contracts without having someone review it for him (because he can't read English, at least well, let alone a shady contract). She is afraid that if she closes the business credit card that's being charged, the company will go after my in-laws and harass them (and even worse, my in-laws would end up paying whatever the 'ransom' is).

Any suggestions on what can or should be done at this point?


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At least make sure everything you do is well documented. If you send back a closure, make sure they need to sign for receival. Take pictures of what you send, or screen shots of ending an account.