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EconoMe Conference: Feedback and Speaker suggestions
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:54:43 AM »
Hi Everyone!  If you happened to see my post about looking for a cofounder for a conference I was creating called "Frugal As Fu*k", I'm starting a new thread as that one is no longer relevant.

I found a cofounder thanks to that post and we decided to change the name to EconoMe.

We've gotten so much help and advice from people in this community.  Just WOW.  A Tedx producer that responded to my previous post has turned into an incredible mentor.  I also connected with someone else from this community who has been advising me on A/V and videography.  This group just full of badass people and I'm so so grateful!

So here is the gist:

I'm creating a conference called EconoMe with the help of a co-founder.  It will be a full day of speakers (Ted Talk style) who will lead our audience on a journey of questioning our assumptions surrounding happiness and prosperity through the lens of personal finance. 

The conference is happening on March 7, 2020 in the Great Hall at University of Cincinnati and we're working to attract an audience of 700 people.

Attached is a presentation that explains the overall concept of EconoMe.  We'd welcome any feedback and suggestions as we're using this to attract potential speakers, marketing partners, and sponsors.  We have a long and growing list of potential speakers. We've reached out to 50 people thus far and the response has been very encouraging, we are going to have a pretty amazing line up.  We're casting a very wide net on speakers as we are also looking to build relationships with people to speak at future conferences (we intend for this to be an annual event). 

We've also launched a quick landing page to start collecting email addresses for our mailing list:

We welcome all feedback on the presentation, ideas for potential speakers, or feedback on our landing page (we know it needs work, we went for speed vs perfection here).

Thanks so much everyone!