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Dropshipping / webshop advice.
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:21:52 PM »
May I gently pick your brains?

I am considering dropshipping. Might take my plans for a webshop from the shelve or offer other products.
Did some research and I have two main issues:

1. When I offer products from two different suppliers.  I can offer my customers a better range of products. I would like to become a one stop shop  for my customers. However... when a customer would happen to order two products from my two suppliers, I can only charge them for shipping costs once.
Also, I want to focus on sustainability, my costomers might feel receiving two different packages for one order isn'tvery green.

- solution 1: I use one supplier as my main supplier, from the second supplier, I only offer more expensive products to my customers so I don't cut in my own fingers. I know the margins are around 2,1 so there isn't a lot of room.
Disadvantage: customers might find my webshop too expensive.

- solution 2: I use only one supplier and have 'gaps' in my store.

- 3: I use two and hope customers will order for healthy amounts. My least favorite.

- 4: I open two webshops and put them in an online shopping mall/ shopping centre. I could partner with other sustainable webshops that offer what I don't in my shops. Customers can find all kinds of sustainable shops in the online mall.

2. All the suppliers that I have found so far (Dutch suppliers) don't take returns back unless it is a quality issue. Meaning: I'm stuck with all the returned products from my customers. I have read return rates are 30% (not sure that was only fashion).
Option a: I send the product I have in stock to the next customer that orders the product.
- see issue of double shipping costs
- I would have to watch every order closely to see where I can ship a returned product. Means never on auto pilot.

Option b: I sell them trough another channel to keep things seperate.
How do you deal with returns and how many of your orders had a return?

What ate the best tips for a webshop and dropshipping?