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Wooden floor staining
« on: January 25, 2015, 04:23:34 AM »
We are selling our house, we have a room with a solid wooden floor that was a bit beaten up.
My neighbour is a time served cabinet/furniture maker so has very high standards.

Anyway he said $150-170 in wood stain plus $75-90 hire of floor sander + $30-40 minimum in sanding belts = $300+ labour mmmmnnn.

"it will take 3 days work to achieive a quality finish, I buy carpet for $650, then its done in an hour or two" he said

This is a nightmare so I used my small electric sander and tried a small area.( total area to sand is 440sq ft)

First surprise it sanded really easily .

I went to look at stain, WOW it's expensive.

However fencing stain is not...........  so I hired a sander $50 used 3 belts at $7.50 fencing stain $30 + 1 tin of good stain /varnish $30

Total was $117.50

it took a day as well

When my neighbour came back from his weekend away he was amazed at how good it looked for the price.

great saving