Author Topic: Where to put a basement kitchen? (basement suite renovation)  (Read 395 times)


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I'm renovating my mostly finished 2 bed, 1 bath basement into a suite and I need to put in a kitchen. One of the bedrooms is next to the bathroom, I was thinking of knocked down a wall (non-weightbearing) and putting the kitchen in there, and having the suite be a 1-bedroom. My question is on placement:

1. Is it better to have the stove/fridge/sink against the shared wall between this room and the bathroom?

2. Is venting the stove important? Where is a good spot to put the stove/vent?

I know this is a bit vague; the room has clutter, I'll grab some pictures when I have it cleaned up. Let me know anything else that would help, picture-wise.

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Re: Where to put a basement kitchen? (basement suite renovation)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2019, 03:21:39 PM »
Graph paper layout of the space would be immensely helpful.

Or just take your prints and bring them to a HD and do their free kitchen planning.  They do a fair job normally.

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Re: Where to put a basement kitchen? (basement suite renovation)
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2019, 01:44:40 PM »
In terms of how hard it is to install, the problems you must solve are:
  • kitchen sink drain - must flow down
  • stove vent - should vent directly to outside with shortest run/fewest bends possible
  • electrical requirements - you could surface mount conduit to just about any location if you really have to

Of course, you can usually find a way to solve all the problems regardless of desired layout and layout is lived with daily while renovation is a one time process. I'd likely start by considering layouts with the stove on an exterior wall and the sink close to the bathroom (on the shared wall if there is already plumbing in it). But I wouldn't rule out other layouts if there was a definite advantage to usability of the space.