Author Topic: Tankless water heater - indoor or outdoor? Replace existing heater?  (Read 704 times)


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Hi, two questions. First the tricky one.

Tankless come in 2 varieties: indoor and outdoor. Indoor require ventilation; outdoor are durable to withstand temp, weather, etc. I have have an insulated utility room: read walled in section of porch with exterior insulation, not interior insulation, but NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED. It's this crummy, sort of interior room with the fuse box and water heater. What do I do? Venting is easy from the existing heater thru the roof. But the utility room isn't heated which and I read cold kills tankless heaters.

Q2: Can I retrofit the pipes from the existing heater to the new unit. It has 1/2" line to it which the new one requires, and it looks like the water hookups are pretty similar. Anything to watch out for?