Author Topic: DIY e-bike. Need your opinion on these parts  (Read 733 times)


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DIY e-bike. Need your opinion on these parts
« on: May 26, 2017, 11:15:37 AM »
So, after giving up on my trial for purchasing am out of the box e-bike, I decided to build my own. I figured DIY is way cheaper even if I buy all components, including the bike, brand new and I have the flexibility of expanding and replacing individual parts in the future. So I have narrowed down to these options:


Of course, I need a charger etc. But am I on the right track for picking the parts?

Just some context. My commute is 23 miles one way and I weigh 185 lbs and am 6'0". I need enough charge to get back home everyday and charge at home. Commute is mostly flat. Just one tiny hill with an elevation of about 120ft (I don't consider it as a hill, actually). I will be on bike trails for 90% of the commute.