Author Topic: Crea clip re-visited  (Read 781 times)


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Crea clip re-visited
« on: October 25, 2016, 08:23:26 AM »
I posted somewhere a couple days ago, but can't seem to find it, about my latest crea clip "score." Just want to quickly re-iterate, because I think it might help somebody, that I cut my fine, straight hair as usual into a shortish, reverse bob. Since the sides angled down to my chin just a little longer than I wanted, I tried something different. I used the short clip meant for bangs to carefully shorten up my sides a little. The cut is perfect--an even, very blunt, one-inch below the earlobes straight bob. I've washed and blown dry twice now, and I am 100% happen with this new cut. So the short "bangs" clip is not just for bangs. Take your time, do it when you're not tired or have distractions, stand in a good light, perhaps take off a little less than you really want, to allow for any mistakes or need for a little more clean-up. I am right-handed, and could use the scissors on the left side of my face, but just couldn't do it on the right--looking in the mirror was somehow disorienting--so I used the Wahl clippers with the short clip on the right side of my face. It turned out fine.