Author Topic: cheap finishing basement-sill plate issue and insulation  (Read 167 times)


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cheap finishing basement-sill plate issue and insulation
« on: December 29, 2018, 08:05:05 PM »
Hey there. Been in my house 3 years. My Michigan basement is painted with a waterproof sealer and framed along the wall. I have ran all the electrical for outlets around the perimeter.

The next step is fixing a rotted sill plate/rim joist area. It seems the front deck used to be attatched to the house by a ledger board but was a floating deck. This caused water to get in and rot part of the sill plate and rim joist. It was reinforced at one point and the ledger board removed but a piece of sill is still kicked out leaving a long gap of siding not attached to the house. Mice have been getting in (bird feeders). I've placed poison and killed a million of them but how should I go about this repair? It's confined to a small area and I'm tempted to spray foam all my joist ends and be done with it. I also have siding that's loose near the bottom at the side of the house (aluminum). It just won't clip back in. Any ideas on how to fill it?

I'm also wondering how to go about economically insulating and flooring it. Honestly the temperatures aren't that bad in the winter but I figured why not insulate. I don't really want to pay closed cell for the entire area, but my only other options are cutting foam and sticking it into each stud cavity or batts. I do plan on closed celling the rim joists.

Last of all any cheap basement flooring options?