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Title: basement shower drain pipe broken!
Post by: srob on June 30, 2016, 11:48:01 AM
hello mustachians!

I have a basement rental apartment and the shower stopped draining all of the sudden. I couldn't pass a snake so the plumber gave it a try and just got dirt back, and was unable to get it to drain. His snake only passed a foot or two in before stoppage. This is a tile shower. The plumber said we will need to rip out the shower floor and punch a hole in the concrete slab underneath, and then replace the broken pipe.

A few questions:

I have tenants in there right now. It sounds like this will be a multiday process and they will not be able to shower during that time. Should I to put them up in a hotel or something? Does anyone know how long a repair like this should reasonably take? I don't have any other vacancies in the 4plex where they could use a shower. Also, they are not going out of town any time soon.

Is there anything I should be asking the plumber about this? Should I replace it it with a fiberglass shower insert so that it would be easier to take out if it happened in the future?

 I would love to do the demo part myself with a rented jackhammer to save some dough but I don't have time off from work to do it. :/