Author Topic: Reader Case Study - $231k in debt and need help!  (Read 62085 times)


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Re: Reader Case Study - $231k in debt and need help!
« Reply #300 on: September 03, 2017, 05:35:52 AM »
I think this was the first thread I happened across on the forums - nice to see it pop back up! And congrats on not building up any further debt.

I'm with the people who have mentioned there's clearly a lot going on for you in terms of unconscious motivations driving your spending. You don't have to answer here, but maybe some questions to think about are: how does looking at your old (and now your new) budget make you feel? Have you looked over what you ended up 'overspending' money on in the last few months, how did those purchases feel at the time and how do they feel in retrospect? What kind of mood or frame of mind were you in when you made those decisions?

You got this :)


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Re: Reader Case Study - $231k in debt and need help!
« Reply #301 on: September 08, 2017, 08:49:50 AM »

I feel hypocritical chiming in so soon after joining the site but I read this thread with increasing disbelief.
I consider myself a kind person and want to be supportive as people have been to me in my fumbling attempts to gain some financial savvy but...

OMG sell that fucking truck! 
How is this still a discussion point? 
It's been 235 days since you wrote your #2 step was to sell both cars and get cheap ones.  You wrote that DW wasn't going to take it well. 
You've spent so much time telling us about your wife's Pilot that it's like you don't even realize you have the SAME SCENARIO going on with your truck.
Sell it, take a picture, frame it, hang it on the wall.

You've distracted yourself with talk about junk food and job changes for eight months!  OMFG! 
It took you from January until March to take this forum's advice and use your savings to pay off Loan #3.  THREE MONTHS.  And then you did it in five minutes, got a bunch of high fives...and bought a TV. 

Then you spent three months talking about junk food.  Why is there even junk food in your house?  You can't afford it! 
If grocery delivery is an option in your area you should use it so that you're only bringing food into the house that should be there.   You'd pay for the delivery fee with what you didn't spend on Doritos.

You're still posting about a career change.  Get your shit in order first!  Spend five minutes a day daydreaming about real estate then go back to your mindless job and pay off your debt.  You don't get a career change when you are this much in debt!!!  You're working from home need to be a super employee not half assing it with six open tabs on Zillow.  Keeping that job is important!

That god damn friggen TV!!!!  That was where this thread went off the rails.  You just skim past all the pertinent questions. 
DID you post your debt list on the fridge?
DID you have a garage sale?
DID you contact the IRS about a First Time Penalty Abatement?
DID you go to cash only jar/envelope spending? 
DID you call each lender and ask for lower rates?
DID you ask your credit union for a consolidation loan? 
DID you ask your wife to read your original post?
DID you make a colorful visualization of your debt that you let the wife/kids color in when something is paid off?

BUT! You made it three months on the budget when you previously bailed after one month.  That is encouraging.
Think you can do another three months?  Through the end of the year?   Christmas is coming...the credit card goose is getting fat...are you ready for an austere holiday season? 

On Jaunary 19th shanghaiMMM wrote:
"OK. This is it now Dashh. You've had 101 fantastic, helpful, practical ideas.
It's now up to you to go away and implement the ones you choose.
Keep us updated and best of luck!"

What went wrong?

You've been complimented on your awareness.  It's time to turn awareness into action.
The advice on this forum is good advice!  Fucking follow it!

Wishing you all the best even if the above sounds harsh.