Author Topic: Case Study: Getting Divorced and Splitting a Mountain of Consumer Debt  (Read 8036 times)


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You have a good income, so it might not be necessary for you but - Have you considered babysitting on the weekends your kiddo is with her father? In a HCOL area you can typically get close to $100 a night (all cash).

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Just a few thoughts.  You might not want to pare down your budget too much until after the divorce is final.  If you are negotiating child support and alimony you don't want to look like you need less money than he does.  Mediators/judges are supposed to cross out frivolous expenditures but what they consider frivolous is very different from a mustachian.

Second, the family courts where I am like the children to remain in comparable households.  They don't want the kids eating steak in one house and ramen in the other.  They try to avoid this scenario by making sure each parent has the same amount of money to work with.  I'm not sure what the court would do if one parent was being uber frugal with that money.  They might make the argument that the child support is for the kids and should be spent on cable, better, food, toys, clothes etc and not paying down mom/dad's debt. 

It's up to you to decide if this philosophy is sound or not.  I was involved in a case where dad was forced to enroll the kids in certain expensive extra curriculars.  Divorcing doesn't get rid of the spendy ex.  Spendy ex can still try to dictate how you raise the kids.

You might want to keep your budget plan in your back pocket for post divorce instead. 


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Thinking about you and wondering how it is going?
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There are many side income gigs you can do when you don't have custody of your daughter. Since you love spreadsheets, what about part time clerical work? The babysitting idea was a good one. Also, bar tending always made me a few hundred bucks in tips in a weekend.

Go with a one bedroom place. Get a pull out couch for the living room and give your daughter the bedroom.

Take the budgeting slowly. You are about to change your whole lifestyle. Pare down one thing each month, and see how it fits your life.
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Re: Case Study: Getting Divorced and Splitting a Mountain of Consumer Debt
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How's it going? Did you get by on $300/month for food for both of you?
I'm scaling back my $250 / month  grocery habit for just me.