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Tax year 2017 is the first year I 'officially' work from home (got a T2200 form from my employer)
I am salary, not commission; they checked off that I need to pay for office supplies and that I work from home 100%.  They listed out travel expenses that I was reimbursed for (couple of business trips, not on my T4)
1) I have a room in my house that is my 'office', so I think I just declare the square footage of it divided by the square footage of my home (do I use square footage of the main floor or do I include the square footage of the finished basement?).  I use other parts of the house during part of the day (bathroom, kitchen), do I include any of that?
2) since we own our own home, I think I can only claim a portion of internet, electrical, heat and water?  Not property taxes since I'm not commission based?  I guess I can claim 100% of the land line, since we only have it for my work.
3) am I reading it correctly, I can't claim a portion of my property taxes since I'm not commission based?

Am I missing anything?  It doesn't look like a huge benefit (but better than nothing).