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Box 39 T4
« on: February 23, 2018, 11:27:37 AM »
To our CPAs on the forum.....
I work for the small Canadian subsidiary of a US firm.  Most years I get a restricted share bonus, and the shares vest at 1/3 each of the next three years.  I have it set up such that when shares vest, they sell enough shares to cover the taxes (my other option would be to have sufficient cash in the brokerage account to cover the taxes - I don't have the option of waiting to see if would owe taxes overall).

I have zero confidence in my company getting my T4 correct; I get an amendment every year.  (Over the last three years, since these stocks started vesting).

I don't think they qualify for box 39, although I wish they did.  I get the T4 with a box 39 amount, then get an ammendment T4 with the amount removed.  Is box 39 only if I exercised the stock options I also have and haven't exercised (company stock has been on the decline, so most would be a losing proposition)