Author Topic: Best way to invest EPSP contributions?  (Read 827 times)


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Best way to invest EPSP contributions?
« on: February 22, 2018, 02:43:10 PM »
Iíve started doing my taxes for 2017 and opened up an EPSP (and got a T4PS) for the first time in 2017.  The reason I have the EPSP is that I have very little RRSP contribution room due to a DB pension, and I didnít want to miss out on my employerís match. I contribute only enough to the EPSP to get the max company match. Currently my and my employers contributions are invested in a 2045 target fund. When I entered the T4SP info it changed my return from a refund into owing, boo-urns!

I am new to this, so am I investing it efficiently? Is there another way to not miss out on the employer match even with a maxed out RRSP? I realize this is a good problem to have...

Thanks very much!!