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Paying down debt and working 3 jobs
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:02:10 PM »
Dear Mustachians,
I am about to graduate college (December) with a degree in Geography and another in English. I took poor financial advice and took out student loans my first two years of school. I eventually woke from that haze of bad advice and have payed the rest of my college tuition by the means of scholarship and hard work. I now work part time at a construction company, part time at a nature center, and part time at a Whole Foods.  I'm starting to gain momentum now that I no longer have to pay for future semesters at school. I've learned to live lean (no food out, sold my laptop, no luxury expenses etc) but I have to drive a considerable way to each job. I ckuld (and want) to start bike commuting since I'm a fairly proficient cyclist. However I would need to cut out one job to have enough time to commute (it's not THAT much more time by bike but each job is in a different part of town). Should I a) opt to be more efficient and quit a job (potentially freelance writing, social media management, or cartography but not guaranteed or b) be extremely focused to pay down debt and find work anywhere and everywhere and then tackle commute efficiency after being debt free? Which is the priority? Would I be more prosperous with two jobs/freelancing? (I plane to get a full time job after I finish school in December.