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Re: Mustachian Relocation Guide
« Reply #250 on: July 15, 2018, 11:24:35 PM »
City, State, Country:
Henderson, NV

If a suburb, distance from city:
Borders Clark County, which most people think of as Las Vegas

Average housing cost (specify rent or buy):
In Henderson or Summerlin, the main areas you'd want to live, currently $300K for a very small house, rising to literally whatever you want to spend. That small house would rent for $1600. Note that the house/rent prices boom and bust at roughly a 2X1 ratio every 10 years or so. We are presumably at the top of the cycle right now.

Indoor Hobbies:
Drinking, gambling, lots of restaurants, non-moustachian $120/seat stage shows, superb high school drama productions, lots of churches and a few cults (You know how you can tell if you're in a cult? Good news! You're not in one. Yours is the true faith - it's those weird clowns worshiping across the street that are in a cult.) There's a scrabble club that plays lots of moldy oldies from the 1950s, an emerging board games scene, brew pubs, opportunities to serve at homeless shelters, dog rescue, typical stuff for a medium size city.

Outdoor Hobbies: Lots of hiking, skiing, bicycling, motor racing of all descriptions, iron man competitions, bikini contests, water skiing, jet skiing, and if you sad sacks hadn't face punched me into selling my sailboat - sailboating on Lake Mead all year long.

Weather: Superb October thru May. A convection oven June thru September. Total rainfall ranges from 2 inches to 6 inches per year. Rainstorms often don't get the area under your car wet.

Favorite things: Very non-judgmental. Whatever your style, there's a place for you. A real melting pot. A huge number of really good mom n pop ethnic restaurants. Once you get plugged into your professional network, you make so much money it's hard to leave the city.

Least favorite things: The minute you leave Henderson city limits, there's homeless dudes all over the place, panhandling. Summers are brutal, you truly need epic level air conditioning at home and in your car. Old cars frequently die when their cooling system can't cope. All the touristy stuff and anything on The Strip are an overpriced ripoff. The "landscape rocks" covering all residential yards is hugely depressing. For a metro area of 2M people, there's very little culture in the way of museums, orchestras, etc. There's the Smith Center, but who can afford it.

'Must Try': Sailing on Lake Mead

Stupid ordinances/laws: This only came in when the megaweed corporations got recreational cannabis legalized: If there's a recreational dispensary within 25 miles of your house, you can't grow your own medicinal cannabis plants, even with your doctor's referral document.

Words of wisdom/Advice: Don't move here. Once you're networked professionally, you'll stay here way longer than any sane person would want to.

Sustainability options (gardening, solar, etc): Solar, aw hell yah. Gardens look great through June, then incinerate by fourth of July. Even on drip, only a few hardy herbs make it to September.
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Re: Mustachian Relocation Guide
« Reply #251 on: July 16, 2018, 09:58:53 AM »
I would love to have Merida, MEX added. Also love to hear about any places in MEX. Seriously considering relocating there post FIRE.


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Re: Mustachian Relocation Guide
« Reply #252 on: August 08, 2018, 09:27:56 AM »
I can chime in from Fort Wayne, IN.

  • Fort Wayne, IN, USA
  • If a suburb, distance from city: N/A
    There are various suburbs, but they are all considered "in" the city. 
    Downtown is very small, not sure what's there, I almost never go there.  Southwest and northwest side of town is where I frequent.
    Southwest side if town is best for bike-ability, to things like grocery stores and parks.
    There are also various commuter towns, I am fond of churubusco, when I lived in town there it was a 15 minute drive to my engineering job in Fort Wayne, at 60mph the whole way.
  • Average housing cost (specify rent or buy):CHEAP!!!
    Fort Wayne has some of the lowest cost of living in the country, a mustachian should be able to build their dream house here for $200K
  • Indoor Hobbies: Whatever you want?
    Land is cheap, housing is cheap, no reason not to have as much indoor space as you want, including barns if you're into working on your own cars or big projects (especially in the winter)

    Easy to grow crops for your own brewing.
  • Outdoor Hobbies:require a mustachian attitude
    Plenty of gardening or homesteading options
    Winters here suck.  Not that they're too cold or snowy to do anything, they suck in that it's not cold enough for long enough.  Snow-thaw-repeat all winter long.

    There are plenty of state parks in weekend-trip distance, i live close enough to one for afternoon hikes.
    Kayaking and watersports aplenty in the summer.
    The mountain biking scene is probably similar to that in any Midwest City... Tame... Because it's flat
  • Weather (High Temps, Low Temps, Seasons, Sun):REPLACE ME
    Highs in the 100s and humid in the summer, drove to work at -20 one morning last winter, so you get the full range.

    Noone brags about the weather here.

    October-Christmas is delightful though.
  • Favorite things:
    Cheap!  Lowest cost of living in the country.
    No smog checks!
    What are taxes?  Property ones are basically non-existent.
    Very clean air.
    A very clean city for the most part.
    Almost no crime.
    Almost no traffic.
    Almost no homelessness.
    A good clean well run conservative city.
  • Least favorite things:
    There aren't many options for full time RVing
    Food is all mediocre and you'll wait 45 minutes to get seated anyway
    The average citizen is obese, uneducated, and driving an SUV
    You absolutely need a car to get by.  Not designed for bikes at all (newer parts of town are getting better)
    Standard Midwest sprawl.  Land is cheap, so buildings are big, spread out, and parking lots are huge
  • 'Must Try':
    Can't think of anything
  • Stupid ordinances/laws:
    Can't think of anything
  • Words of wisdom/Advice:
    Can't think of anything
  • Sustainability options (gardening, solar, etc):
    Could definitely profit from solar, but it would be a challenge to go 100% off grid (not impossible)
    Gardens grow like crazy, and greenhouses could be easy in the winter.
    Could heat with wood for free.
    Water is free and infinite, most people have wells.


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Re: Mustachian Relocation Guide
« Reply #253 on: August 11, 2018, 11:25:21 AM »
I would like to request Ft. Worth, TX. I could move there from my job in more rural TX but housing costs are probably gonna be a bit higher and I'd like some idea from the mustachians in Ft. Worth about where to look.