Author Topic: Gifted Coin collection  (Read 1760 times)


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Gifted Coin collection
« on: May 09, 2017, 01:35:05 AM »
Hey all,

I was clearing out a drawer and forgot about the coin collection I have mostly of US Mint proof sets. My mom gifts my brothers and I each a proof set almost every year for each year. My grandfather was a big-time coin collector, so I hear, and so she's basically been passing the legacy on. She started this 'tradition' where she would buy a US Mint proof set for us for each year from our birth year... of course, I'm missing years here and there but roughly I probably have over 2 dozen of these things. It seems like a pain to keep them around - should I get rid of them? My mom will probably be pretty sad and disappointed if she found out that I got rid of them. We have a safe deposit box at the bank but I doubt it would hold all these, and it's probably not even worth taking the space up.

Any thoughts on what I can do with these? They don't take up that much space but they are kind of annoying to have sitting around.


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Re: Gifted Coin collection
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2017, 07:15:40 AM »
Looked on ebay- a set for 83-93 (10 sets) sold for $50.  Not worth much.  Single sets from 80s/90s sell for just $4 or so.  Just ebay them and be done with it.  They aren't worth much more than the face value of the coins themselves.


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Re: Gifted Coin collection
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2017, 10:39:08 AM »
Is this something you could donate to a local school or children's group for them to use as a classroom aid? As far as disappointing your mom, it might be time to have a conversation with her about how much you appreciate her passing on granddad's legacy when you were a kid, but now it's no longer needed. Has she ever asked about them? You found them in an unused drawer so it's not like it was out for display or something where she would notice it went missing.


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Re: Gifted Coin collection
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2017, 11:26:50 AM »
Bolt a halfway decent safe into a corner of a closet and keep them there?


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Re: Gifted Coin collection
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2017, 12:14:13 PM »
If you aren't keeping them for yourself, because of your own enjoyment/usefulness, then it seems like a silly burden to keep because of someone else. Even if in that specific case, the cost of keeping them is low (small amount of space), the principle is you shouldn't need to keep things around for other people. Are you still getting them yearly as gifts? I would test the waters and mention that you don't want more coins for the next year.


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Re: Gifted Coin collection
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2017, 12:24:23 PM »
Display the one from your birth year.

Use the rest next time you buy groceries.

Don't tell mom.