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Credit card upgrade
« on: June 17, 2017, 02:54:51 PM »
Currently my wife has the American Express Gold delta. We did it last year, about this time, for the signup bonus. Now we are going to have that first $100 fee or have to cancel. There is no downgrade option.

Question is...we have the option to upgrade it to Platinum Express. With platinum you pay $200 this first year and with spend of $2000 in 3 months we will get another 25,000 miles which with our current us a good $500 flight to visit family. Does this seem worth it? The other thing that tipped the scales for me is:

-Free baggage(already included in delta)
-Some sky club deal. Not huge deal for us but may actually save us in the long run on layovers if we end up traveling a lot
-Free companion fare upon RENEWAL. So my understanding is we will not get a companion fare this year but next year upon renewing and paying 200 we would
-There are some other medallion/mile perks to it too but honestly I don't understand much of that. Kinda new to this.

I am leaning towards upgrade as a ticket home(and we will definitely be going home) will cost $500 to $600. If we spend $200, then that's about $300 off. And as of next year, we will be getting the same yearly savings if we go home. Spend about $200 but get a ticket value roughly of $500 to 700 ever year. We usually go home on these trips together(at least one).

I should mention I don't think cancelling is a great option as this is her only line of credit/debt. It may be damaging to her credit to cancel it. We have also tried calling and asking them to waive the fee again or we might cancel. They didn't budge. The CSR just offered to start the cancellation process. So I don't know how everyone gets their fees waived....

Thanks for help/advise.