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Title: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: Bracken_Joy on August 27, 2017, 09:54:32 AM
Recently, a fabulous mustachian messaged me. She had a pet store coupon, and didn't have pets, but knew I'm currently buying expensive (prescription) dog food. She ended up saving me 66% of purchase price when all was said and done.

I thought a thread on this basis would be a good idea! Do you have any coupons, discount codes, etc, that you won't use? Are you looking for specific store discounts yourself?

I'll start.

Looking for: Pet stores, including online deliveries like 1800petmeds and

Offering: I have a World Market discount code for online purchases, good through 8/27 (today), for 10% off. Usable online too. Let me know and I can send you the barcode and online code. Or, if you want to use it physically, I can email you a photo of it, and they should be able to scan it from your phone.
Title: Re: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: RichHarvest on May 31, 2019, 09:21:26 AM
I'm also looking for Pet Rx coupons. Typically 1800-Pet-Meds has 30% off, but the medicines are fairly expensive. Any advice for less expensive is welcome.

For coupon codes, I have a personal promo code to Lemonaid Health which I recently used. It's essentially an online doctor visit with prescriptions for various medicines. It's a cheaper alternative to a doctor visit in a lot of cases, especially when considering the time, driving costs, missed work, etc. of seeing a doctor in person. Plus my doctor is really hard to schedule less than 2-3 months out (I'm in a big city). Promo code is for $10 off for new customers, just enter at checkout: MICHAEL732

I have another general promo code for Who Gives a Crap (non-tree toilet paper/tissues/paper towels that are better for the environment). It's also for $10 off (Purchase of $48 or more): LITTERLESS
Title: Re: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: fuzzy math on June 01, 2019, 08:58:19 AM
chewy uses ebates although I'm not sure if it combines with auto ship.
I haven't been able to find discount gift cards for chewy, which is my go to plan for saving money on these sorts of things.
Title: Re: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: RichHarvest on July 10, 2019, 07:16:59 PM
You can use 15CHEWY for 15% off your order, but it's for new customers only.

I've found that Dealspotr ( is a great place to get promo codes and referral codes. There's a built-in curation process that rewards people to adding accurate promotions and culling expired ones. The quality is a lot higher than searching on Google or RetailMeNot which used to be my go-tos. I do have a Dealspotr referral code, but I'll let those interested message me for it instead of making this thread too self-promotional.
Title: Re: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: RichHarvest on July 10, 2019, 07:25:34 PM
I guess I assumed all Mustachians are like me and already know this, but maybe not. Before I make any online purchases, in addition to checking promo/coupon code sites like described above, I also look for discounted gift cards at If you're really diligent, you visit eBates or TopCashBack first, click the link into Raise (to get the 1 or 2% back from those sites), and then buy the discounted gift card at Raise, hopefully with a credit card that also has 2% or more cash back. A lot of little chipping away at the price of a purchase, but can definitely save 5-20% depending on the gift card discounts.

Same deal as above with the eBates, TopCashBack, and referrals, you can DM me if you want mine.
Title: Re: Coupon sharing thread!
Post by: okcisok on July 12, 2019, 05:34:20 PM
Yup, I've done this! Also, I check my credit cards to see if there's a promotion. Chase Freedom is offering a $5 credit on Wal-Mart pickup orders. The same day I picked up the order, there was a credit to my account.
You can also do a quick internet search for " x promo code" to stack with coupons, credit card promos, and rebates.
I got a promo code and used it last night. 15% off $49 or more, plus 30% off for setting up an auto-ship. (I set it for 8 weeks out so that I can cancel it if I find a better deal on the items before them.) Topcashback was offering a $5 credit. So I got $62 worth of dog food for $33, with 1-2 day shipping.  I looked at my credit cards to see if there was a chewy promo/rebate, but no luck.
Here's the promo code if anyone wants to try 2TFW7ZHE