Author Topic: Take the job or wait?  (Read 269 times)


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Take the job or wait?
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:53:34 PM »
I'm looking for some mustachian advice. I've been overthinking this for a week now and just need to bounce ideas around a bit.

Choice 1 - Take the Job: I got a job offer that's $2k more than what I make now. Benefits are the same.
Pros: It's closer to where I'm moving, it will have 2 days telework a week after a trial period, and it's in a totally new field that I'm pretty interested in.
Cons: I'd be stuck around that salary level for roughly two years and I'm not sure what the career ladder is like in the new field.

Choice 2 - Wait: I can wait and keep applying to see if I can get a higher salary in a different role in my current field.
Pros: I'm qualified for higher positions in my field and know there are openings near where I'm moving for jobs making about $30k more. I care about the work a lot and it's fun to be good at what I do.
Cons: It may take a while to get that next job and once I move my commute will increase a lot if I'm stuck at my current job. I applied to a few that are currently open and got referred in Dec/Jan but haven't gotten an interview yet, so that makes me wonder if I'm being realistic about my competitiveness for the roles. I'm in a high stress role at my current work place and getting out sooner could be good for my health.

Has anyone else struggled with a similar choice? If so, were you happy with the choice you ended up making? What would be your advice to yourself if you had to choose again?

TLDR: I'm leaning towards accepting the job offer but I'm stressed about leaving future advancements and earning potential on the table.