Author Topic: Calling all writers: Advice needed for scatterbrained wannabe  (Read 921 times)


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Backstory: DH and I have the financial part of Mustachianism on autopilot (saving 75%+ of our income for over 3 years now), and we're starting to sketch out the contours of a life unconstrained by full-time work. He's thinking about a career change; I'm revisiting my long-time love and hobby, writing.

Over the past few years, I've dabbled in local writing events (open mic nights, live literature events) and guest-posted on a few blogs I read. I enjoy it, but it feels directionless. I've yet to find a good angle for a blog or other long-term writing project.

I write a lot of poems, but no one wants to read poetry (even if it's good, which I have no idea if mine is). Despite this, I'm currently putting some of my poetry on my Medium page, but I don't have any followers (my page is new and I haven't connected it with any of my social networks). So I feel a bit like I'm rambling into an abyss. I'd like to feel like I'm working towards something tangible.

Does anyone have advice about finding focus, direction, or long-term goals for a scattered, but passionate, writer of poetry, short fiction, and lifestyle blog posts? I don't need to make any money, but obviously I'm not opposed to it as part of a long-term strategy.
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Re: Calling all writers: Advice needed for scatterbrained wannabe
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Consider joining or forming a writing group.  It is a great way to make yourself accountable and get feedback in a supportive/friendly way.  Though a good writing group will be critical when necessary.  Mine was instrumental in getting my dissertation done -- a different process than creative writing, but one that also requires discipline and works best with support.

I also found that having deadlines for things encouraged actual production.  In my case that was typically conference papers.