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Bike recommendation - urban, kids
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:07:08 PM »
I'm looking to buy a bike, or to be dissuaded from buying a bike. I currently have a touring bike, but it has a few issues that make it less ideal, in my mind for urban transportation. The drop handlebars and relatively aggressive positioning can, to my understanding, be fixed relatively easily. I'd also like fatter tires and a lower top tube position, which are harder to retrofit onto the bike. Step through is ideal, but I don't think they make them in my size -- at least that's what the guy at the bike shop said. It would be really nice is if it were possible to fit a double kickstand -- I can't with mine because something is occluding the hole in the triangle where it's supposed to go -- I don't remember what. And I'd ideally like something that allows me to mount my 3.5 yo son's seat as low as possible, to give me better and a lower center of gravity.

My ideal is something like the utility bikes that are so ubiquitous in Japan. I love the slightly smaller than 700C wheels, the focus on stability, the wide, under wheel kickstands, etc. You would see so many moms and dads riding around with a child in the rear seat and another in the front handlebars. These bikes are designed for moderate speeds, safety, and utility. This kind of thing:

I'm looking for something like this in the U.S., ideally as inexpensive as possible, but I'm willing to pay for quality.