Author Topic: Need advice for elderly neighbors-credit card debt relief, lowering interest  (Read 507 times)


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Very nice older couple here in this neighborhood--well liked and respected. I talk to him now and then when he is walking his dog. He revealed, just in passing, that they are on fixed incomes (retired) and have loads of credit card debt and high interest rates. They seem rather frugal--no ostentatious cars or anything. I'm guessing it's home repairs and the like(?). I told him that there are free services for those in his situation and that calling the bloodsuckers credit card companies may likely result in a substantial reduction in interest rates. He told me that he knew about that, but needed to find more info. (At their age, I would not be surprised if they have no internet access). I told him I would ask around and find out what I could.

What would you recommend for them--especially in lowering the interest rates and maybe some debt forgiveness? What strategies work well when dealing with the cc companies directly? Thanks!