Author Topic: Any compelling reason not to roll a small Safe Harbor IRA into current 401K?  (Read 239 times)


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I have this IRA with <$3,000 hanging around from a job years ago that I have to do something with... the annual fees are way more than the tiny bit of interest it collects. I think I can simply roll it over into my 401K with my current employer, probably the easiest thing to do. The fees on this 401K are not bad, I think.

I have a ton of more important to-dos and would like to just get this over with... but if anyone easily thinks of a major reason not to do this, I'd be very interested to know! 

We are probably very far off from FI, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for reading :)


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1. Employer may not allow you to roll it over. Check on that.
2. If you roll it over into the employer one, then you're stuck with fund options they give you.
3. Not positive you can put an IRA into a 401k (you can do the opposite for sure)

Just open an account at your brokerage of choice, roll over this account, and in future put any other accounts into the same place. Honestly, it's probably easier than figuring out if you can put it in the employer account.