Author Topic: Add a commute + reduce savings but for advancement opportunities?  (Read 777 times)


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I have a good shot at a job, pondering my options if it comes through. I'm pretty satisfied in my current role so it's not like I'm in a toxic work environment.


- a 9% increase in salary, which would take me 2 years to achieve in my current job.
- Lots of room for advancement and significantly higher earning potential than my current company.
- Really cool projects I get to work on at the new gig with similar hours

- After tax, I would be saving $200 less per month for at least the first year after the salary increase because: a) would need to move out of my city to suburbia. Means more driving likely (estimated 15-20 minutes each way per day) as there are no rentals immediately around the new office, b) would probably be unable to find a roommate since the population out there is much older and more affluent.
- downtown city living is bye-bye. The new job is not in a particularly walk-able/easy-to-navigate town.
- I would leave behind lots of my friends and move closer to my family, of which we don't necessarily see eye-to-eye.

Additional insights:
- I already own a car
- I currently walk 15 minutes to get to work every day
- Currently live with a roommate
- Currently save 55% of take home pay.

Appreciate any help!
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