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Re: FacePunch Me
« Reply #800 on: February 08, 2018, 02:54:04 PM »
A few days ago, I bragged on another thread about having saved more than 80 by shopping around for my car insurance.

Yesterday I ate the last of the box of Hotel Chocolat delicacies that DD2 gave me for Christmas, and was reminded of how good Hotel Chocolat chocolate is in comparison to the chocolate we usually eat.

Today I spent 70 on the Hotel Chocolat website. I spent 70 in one pop on CANDY for my husband and me. We are not five years old, we are both in our fifties.

In my (slight) defence, at my usual rate of chocolate consumption my share will last me at least until the post-Easter price reductions hit the website, and we'll both need lots of lazy calories when the weather improves and we get out on long bike rides.